Self-promotional illustration   Taking my obsession with vintage design ephemera to its logical conclusion

Self-promotional illustration   Experimenting with a photo-realistic vector illustration take on...vintage design ephemera

Self-promotional holiday card illustration   Part of an on-going series

Self-promotional illustration   Robots are another obsession

Self-promotional postcard   Featuring my old, dead logo!

Badge design   Despite living in Chicago for nearly 20 years, I have never lost a deep love of my home state

Fake project   An illustration/possible t-shirt design  that came to me while listening to Halo of Flies

Fake project   Design ephemera from a world in which I'd rather be living

Fake project   Further exploration of my twin obsessions of throw-away design aesthetics and music

Computer desktop design   Who wouldn't want to sit down to Bo's smiling face every morning when they start work?

Mix "covers"   A small sample of artwork  from my decades-long tradition of making seasonal/special mixes for my friends and acquaintances

Warm-up illustration   As well as a handdrawn type excerise

Illustrative exploration   Taking a more realistic vector illustration style in a new, creepier, direction

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