Logo for a literary podcast called Loud in the Library

Logo for the Beef & Dairy Network's "sponsor," a farm supply company that dates back to the 1930s.

Personal logo

Logo for a large window washing company

Logo created for a theater company in suburban Chicago that specializes in autobiographical plays.

Logo for an imaginary Facebook-like company from Maximum Fun's Bubble Podcast

Logo for a non-profit devoted to the preservation and restoration of old houses

Logo for an agency that specializes in marketing to women

Logo for a non-profit organization that provides safe spaces for sober musicians who are on tour

Logo for Love it to Death, an apparel company based in Detroit

Logo for a garage punk band based in Michigan

Logo for an airport spa

Logo for a company specializing in relocation services

Logo for a family-owned farm specializing in grass fed beef and free-range chicken

Logo for an imaginary Uber-like company from Maximum Fun's Bubble Podcast

Logo depicting Pangea for a Chicago theatre company

Logo for a large construction company

Logo for an independent record store specializing in vinyl

Logo for a California-based photographer

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