Logo for a literary podcast called Loud in the Library. Client: Loud in the Library

Logo for the 50th anniversary of the Second City. Client: Second City

Logo for a kid's podcasting company. Client: Soundsington

Logo for a branded coffee cup. Client: Wilco

Logo for a horror movie podcast. Client: Monster Pulse

Logo for a school that teaches kids how to skateboard. Client: SK8RSCHOOL

Logo for a pet training service. Client: Decker Pet Training

Logo for a non-profit devoted to the preservation and restoration of older houses. Client: CGVHP

Logo for a specialized construction crew. Client: McHugh Construction

Logo for a large window washing company. Client: Corporate Cleaning Services

Logo for a company that trains service dogs. Client: Compass Canine Training

Logo for an interior design studio. Client: Rezzi Design Group

Logo promoting a month long baseball-themed charity event. Client: CBEA

Logo promoting a music & arts festival. Client: Wilco

Logo for an airport spa. Client: Terminal Getaway

Logo for a theater company that specializes in autobiographical plays. Client: Firsthand Theatrical

Logo for a large construction company. Client: Restore Masonry

Logo for a professional photographer. Client: Ann Johansson

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