Research Bootcamp  Client: Northwestern University Library

The Rewards of Procrastination  Client: Chicago Parent Magazine

How We Ingest Fungus  Client: Texas A & M

Snacking Around the Clock  Client: Fare Magazine

The Workaholic  Client: Daily Southtown

Fan Fiction  Client: American Libraries Magazine

Popcorn!  Client: Disney Adventures Magazine

The Joy of Cooking with Fungus  Client: Texas A & M

Unhealthy Food  Client: Fare Magazine

Back to School (Cover)  Client: Chicago Parent Magazine

Steal This Idea (Cover)  Client: Remodeling Magazine

Everyone Wants a Tip  Client: Delaware Today Magazine

Lice! (Cover)  Client: Chicago Parent Magazine

What Does a Ballerina Eat?  Client: Desert Companion

Ice Movie Theater  Client: Disney Adventures Magazine

Workplace Privacy  Client: Daily Southtown

Teenagers Smell Terrible  Client: Chicago Parent Magazine

Jazz + Blues Festival Guide (Cover)  Client: Jazz Times

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