John Hodgman/Maximum Fun

A gallery of work I've done for the author and comedian, John Hodgman, and for Jesse Thorn who co-hosts his podcast and runs the Maximum Fun media empire.

1940's inspired design for the Judge John Hodgman: Justice Through the Ages t-shirt subscription

Poster and t-shirt design for John Hodman's That is All book tour

T-shirt design for the Judge John Hodgman podcast

Promotional poster for a Maximum Fun podcast festival

Tour poster promoting a Bullseye with Jesse Thorn tour of the East Coast

Poster promoting a podcast tour of the Pacific Northwest

Promotional tour for one of the first Maximum Fun podcast tours

Series of posters for John Hodgman's first three appearance at the Second City in Chicago

Series of tours promoting John Hodgman's Midwestern book and performance tour

Maximum Fun promotional t-shirt design

Maximum Fun promotional sticker design

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